Well, new semester begins

2015-09-28 22:06:35 by xxmtg

New school year starts. Hope I have more free time to paint

So busy...

2015-07-06 01:26:34 by xxmtg

Currently, I am developing a website for a customer....... 

Update the website

2015-06-27 16:59:55 by xxmtg

Well, just post the recent art work.

Currently doing research stuff

2015-05-23 00:27:54 by xxmtg

Summer time !

But I have to do research in the university...

Currently still have no sufficient time to draw, however, I still have four month left :P

New Art Work

2015-02-22 05:18:56 by xxmtg

Finally, I finished this one, Arachlisk...

If you are a StarCraft fan, you may find I use the word root of a Zerg.

Anyway, this picture does not have relation with StarCraft :P

By the way, I will update my personal website soon. Go and check !

My website

2014-12-25 00:20:58 by xxmtg


!!! Wow, I make a personal website

New artwork

2014-12-13 20:56:12 by xxmtg

Well, I am waitting for someone re-scout me

Although, I don't why I was kicked out :-(

I am an engineering student... So, you know, the univeristy life is kind of hard for me...

School course is over !!!

2014-12-13 13:25:52 by xxmtg

Yeah ! Now, I have sufficient time to make new art work... In the Xmas holidays, I probably can draw two more pictures :-) 



... Well, I found that I have been kicked out from the art forum....

... Maybe I should make posts periodically...

No current artwork yet

2014-10-11 21:35:24 by xxmtg

The school life is too busy :-(

Hello World

2014-08-23 10:38:04 by xxmtg

This one is the first post !!!

I am a new here, lol.